7 must-see things to do in Granada, Spain

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Granada, Spain. It is a city of culture, art, design, music, gastronomy, history, and much more, with amazing architecture and friendly people.

With around 400 restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries, museums and other places of interest, Granada is a wonderful destination for a day trip, an overnight getaway, or even a weeklong holiday. As Granada is the capital of the province of Granada, with its wonderful climate, it attracts a lot of visitors to its cultural attractions and its wonderful nature. With many things to do in Granada, this is a list of the top 50 must-see things to do in Granada.

Travel Guides

There are many travel guides available for Granada, and each travel guide will have information on different things to do in Granada. This is not a list of things to do in Granada, it is simply a list of the top 7 must-see things to do in Granada.

1. Granada: Explore the city by horse and carriage

The horse and carriage is an iconic image for Granada, and it is easy to see why. The streets of Granada are narrow, traffic is heavy, and horse and carriages (or calashes) are a great way to explore the old city centre. Riding from hotel to hotel is a way to experience Granada. The locals love this form of transportation and are happy to share a ride to take you to the sights of the city.

How to do it?

If you are in Granada for a day trip or overnight getaway, you can find horse and carriage rides for tourists by going to one of the many horse and carriage rental companies. You can even hire a horse for the day and ride around the old city, as Granada is easy to explore on horseback. However, if you want to take a horse and carriage ride with a guide, it is the best option. You can hire a horse and carriage for half a day, or up to two full days.

Alhambra,Granada                                      Photo credit:Pixabay.com

2. Granada: Visit the world-famous Alhambra Palace

Just steps away from Granada’s historic heart lies the Alhambra Palace, one of the most famous attractions in Granada. The Alhambra Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the views are incredible, especially in the winter when you can admire the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Alhambra Palace has five palaces in all. The Generalife, Darax, Palacios Nazari, Daraxen and Generalife are the royal palaces that have been used by the Alhambra’s rulers. Don’t miss visiting this amazing palace to view the exquisite architecture, paintings and amazing views.

Alhambra Architecture Photo Credit pixabay.com

How to do it?

The Alhambra is an easy walk from Granada’s Old Town, or you can take a 10-minute city bus to the Alhambra. The trip is completely safe and the bus drops you off in the Alhambra. If you have enough time, you can even spend the night here and the next morning visit more of Granada.

Granada offers a wealth of activities, places to eat, and things to do on your visit. One of the top things to do in Granada is visit the Alhambra Palace. A visit to the palace is a must, and if you want to immerse yourself in the old traditions of Alhambra, check out the Granada Winter Festive season.

3. Hike the Sierra Nevada Mountains

No matter what you do in Granada, you must experience the breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Granada is nestled between the mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, which is home to the highest peaks in Spain. There is a lot to see in the mountains, from amazing caves to hiking trails, to great views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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You can even enjoy an incredible view of Granada’s city center from the mountains.

4. Visit the Mirador San Nicolas

Take a trip to the old center of Granada and visit the view point, Mirador San Nicolas. The best time to visit is on a sunny day in summer or on a clear winter day when there are no clouds in the sky.

The views are perfect for taking in the sights and sounds of Granada and looking at the spectacular architecture of the city center.

Pincho Tapas
Tapas Photo Credit :pixabay.com

5. Eat a ‘tapa’

Many of the cafes and tapas bars in Granada are extremely creative. The tapas can be anything from a typical Spanish tapa to an authentic dish from another country.

The ‘tapa’ can be a small plate of food or a bigger portion. It can be anything you want to eat, such as a “sopa de pan con tomate,” (bread soup with tomato) or “gazpacho,” (a chilled soup with vegetables).

There is also the option to order a full meal and eat all you can at the bar. One of the most famous dishes in Spain is “croquetas,” or little croquettes. Another favorite is “pollo con ajo,” (chicken with garlic) and “ensalada espinaca” (spinach salad).

6. Visit The Old Moorish Mosque and Alhambra

The Alhambra is an ancient and enchanting Moorish palace in the hills above Granada. It is built in Moorish and Islamic architecture and is surrounded by lush vegetation and a series of
In the summer, the Alhambra is completely filled with flowers, and visitors can explore the site at their own pace.

In fact, Granada is famous for its fiestas and it is best to visit the different parts of the city during the celebrations.

7. Visit The Plaza Nueva and The Cathedral

Granada is surrounded by walls and the only way to enter is through the Plaza Nueva and the Cathedral. The Plaz Nueva was built in the 19th century to create a cultural hub in the city. There are different shops, restaurants, cinemas and other cultural venues. The cathedral has been visited by many different religious figures, including Saint Teresa of Avila.

Plaza Nueva is a great place to watch one of the many concerts held in Granada. Concerts are usually free and can range from opera, salsa or swing music.

Granada, one of the most famous cities in Spain, is known for its delicious food, friendly people and beautiful architecture.

It is easy to see why the city has become one of the world’s leading travel destinations.

If you are planning a trip to the sunny city of Granada, you will love spending time in this charming and beautiful place.

Enjoy a tour of the most popular landmarks and historical sites in this Mediterranean city.

Don’t Miss This Amazing City

When it comes to Granada, Spain, there is no shortage of exciting activities, beautiful sights and tasty food. But one of the things that you can’t go without is a visit to the famous Alhambra. This stunningly beautiful Moorish palace, located in the hills above Granada, is famous for its Moorish architecture and is surrounded by lush vegetation and a series of gardens.

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Granada is famous for its fiestas and it is best to visit the city at different times to fully appreciate the festivities and cultural events held there.

Beautiful Granada Spain.                          Photo Credit :pixabay.com

At all times of the year, Granada is surrounded by the lush, green hills of the Sierra Nevada. Take a short tour to the Sierra Nevada to see more of this spectacular scenery.

During the summer months, enjoy a walk along the beautiful coast at the Catedral de Granada, or head to the beautiful Alhambra park to take in the sights and sounds of the historic fiestas held there.

In addition to the delicious food, Granada’s music scene is well known for its vibrant salsa and jazz music. For those seeking some peace and quiet, Granada has many beautiful mountain retreats where you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying the serene surroundings.

The city has a special nightlife with many nightclubs where you can dance and party the night away.

Granada’s cuisine is also delicious and is prepared using fresh ingredients. To start your culinary journey, make sure to try ceviche or one of the many tapas bars located in the old town.

Where and what to eat in Granada spain

The city offers a wide selection of different and characteristic places to eat: there are not just traditional tapas but also more refined restaurants.

Most of these restaurants offer, for a set menu, one or two different dishes, based on what the market has to offer and what the land provides.

Granada, the capital of the region of Andalusia, offers different dishes in its restaurants: from seafood to meat and even vegetarian dishes. The Andalusian cuisine is a fusion of Arabic, Roman and European influences. So, typical dishes to try:

Gazpacho is a cold soup made from a mixture of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, garlic and a few other ingredients. It is traditionally served cold, especially on a hot summer’s day.

Fried rice is a dish made of rice grains mixed with vegetables, meats or fish. It can be made vegetarian. This dish is usually served with grilled meats.

Sopas, or soups, are traditional Andalusian dishes, generally served in restaurants as a starter. They are made of the base ingredients (tomatoes, chickpeas, etc.) and the rest of the vegetables in the market. The most common ones are the pepper, carrot and tomato soups.

The market is the only place to go to buy your everyday food. The market is open from 8am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm. This market is a real tourist attraction for people who come to Granada: it has a great variety of products, mainly fruit and vegetables, but also spices, meat, and fish.

Many people come to Granada just to buy some souvenirs in the Mercado San Miguel. It has restaurants, small shops, fruit stands and an open air market. Most of the tourists who visit the city also visit this market and its restaurants.

Where to eat in Granada, Spain

The city is famous for its tapas. Tapas are small dishes, generally consisting of the same base ingredient: fish, meat, vegetables, etc. Tapas are a perfect way to start an evening. Some of the best places to eat tapas in Granada are:

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Mercado San Miguel. The market is located on the Alcaiceria Street (just next to Plaza del Carmen) and is where you will find the stalls where you can buy: vegetables, fruits, tapas, wine, etc. It’s the perfect place to eat tapas. It’s open from 8am to 2pm, and from 4pm to 8pm.

Plaza de San Francisco de Asis. Located in the city centre and next to the Granada Cathedral, the place is open for tourists 24 hours a day. It is full of bars and has a wide variety of tapas and snacks.

Tapas Alhambra. A popular restaurant that has an upstairs and downstairs section. The upstairs section has more expensive food and wine and the downstairs section has cheaper food and drinks. They both have some of the best tapas in town and they have live music sometimes.

Tapas El Sibrerense. This restaurant is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. You will find it on the way to the Albayzín. It has live music, live sports on big TV screens, serves good food and has a wide range of drinks. It has a good variety of tapas.

Where to stay in Granada

There are many hotels and hostels in Granada. The prices of hotels in Granada start at about €30 and go up to €70.

You will find hotels in the old city centre, in the city centre, in the Albayzín and near the Alhambra and Granada airport.

Budget Hotels in Granada, Spain

Hostal Los Balcones de Las Alpujarras. This is a budget hotel just outside the city in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is next to the Parque Natural de los Alpujarras.

Hostal del Centro. Located near the Plaza Nueva, this small budget hotel is close to the Albayzín.

Cabarete de Santa Ana. This budget hotel is on the edge of the old city.

Hotel La Colmena. This is a centrally located 3-star hotel that has everything you need including a swimming pool, bar and restaurant. It has a 24 hour reception.

Mid range priced hotel in granada. Book now and pay at the hotel

Hotel Albayzín. This is a boutique hotel in a restored house next to the Albayzín. It is very central and has a rooftop bar with a panoramic view over the Albayzín.

Hotel Hacienda de la Morisca. Located in the Albayzín, this 4 star hotel has all the facilities you need, including a swimming pool, 24 hour reception, spa, and a restaurant.

Hotel Carlos V. Located in the old city centre, it has 3 restaurants and a rooftop bar with great views of the Alhambra.

Finca La Casa del Campesino. This is a boutique hotel in a restored farmhouse in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It has a spa and swimming pool and is located just outside the town of Mijas Costa.

If you’ve never visited Granada before, we really do urge you to go. It’s crammed full of beautiful architecture, interesting museums and stories, has a great atmosphere and is brimming with music and culture. We promise that you don’t want to miss out on it.

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