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You may have experienced food cravings before because of food intake or decreased carbohydrate intake or because you have stopped eating because of an illness. When these food cravings occur, you may worry that you are eating too much and that your body is not doing its job. However, you do not have to give in to cravings, especially when you are having your healthy diet goals. This is because you could exercise control over your body and use your brain to try to get healthy with no guilt or worry about how you are going to do it. You can learn to try to become more successful at keeping cravings in check by identifying what is triggering them. For example, if you crave spicy foods, chances are that you will get a chili craving when you’re stressed out. Trying to ignore the craving may be tempting, but it will only make the problem worse.

Snacking should not be a daily event. You should also not have a food-dense meal. Instead, try making snacks and meals that are lower in calories and Keto basics like cheese, nuts, low-carb crackers, and fruits which are great for snacks. Never snack before breakfast or try to eat breakfast out of order. The foods you snack on will not be full and may lead to more craving.

Should you eat a ketogenic diet only on rare occasions? No! This is a long-term ketosis friendly diet. By going only to the weekend when you can have breakfast and dinner out of order without gaining weight, you can avoid the long-term consequences of overeating and then feeling a long- term emotional headache after the eating sessions, as well as maintaining your consistency throughout the week.

What if I’m a party animal and eat far too much keto food? Your decisions on where you go on a ketogenic diet should be made based on what you’re looking to get out of it, not what kind of personality you are! I’m not suggesting you look for a ticket to a party and then eat and go wild when your invitation comes, but sometimes you need to listen to yourself and your body.

Cupcake Craving! NO

What do you eat on a ketogenic diet?

When I was embarking on the keto diet, I still ate lunch every day and dinner every night. And so, did my family We’d grab food and go to dinner. It was pretty amazing for me to see how much of our energy was redirected to eating and thus our bodies.

For the majority of my life, I was very far out of alignment. I was just about every nasty thing you can think of. To get healthy again, I decided to start thinking again, to think through the options, to think of good and bad foods, to think of substitutions and alternatives, and to consider what my goals would be and how I’d be supported.

I was attracted to a diet that focused on “soul food” foods. I found recipes on Pinterest, books by health-based people. I read articles and blogs about nutrition. I did research and read health studies. I made hard questions and began to answer them. I started to approach it like a coach. I had to deal with my emotions and was not afraid to make mistakes. With my motto, I wanted to show others that I was an athlete too and not just someone who eats a lot of junk food.

I now Prepare some keto snacks at home to make tasty choices. Below are a few popular choices:

Low carb Snacks

Here are some of the best keto snacks I’ve created. You can choose from one of these keto snacks listed in the order you eat them in.

1. Homemade Almond Joy Crunch Bars

The best thing about making these keto almond joy bars is they come together very easily with just a few simple ingredients. It’s easier than baking them and you get amazing almond flavor and texture. And since you already have almond flour in the pantry and can mix it together easily, you have no excuse for not making them, Plus

These healthy keto almond joy bars are low They are so good for you, but everyone always asks for my bread and chocolate. I love those types of bread too, but these bars will never fail to have a fan.

What I love about these keto almond joy bars is their texture. It has a good level of texture, very chewy and crunchy with just a little bit of crunch in them. And these keto almond joy bars make the perfect little Keto snack!

2- Dairy Free Vanilla Keto Ice Cream

One thing Not only does it taste great, but it is also so incredibly easy to make! I can literally whip up this ice cream in 10 minutes.

white ice cream
white ice cream on brown cone

the real thing, so I usually stick with real vanilla.

Once you’re done making your ice cream, set it aside and use the whipped cream to create an ice cream sandwich by putting it between two slices of cheese on toast.

3- Keto Tea Cakes

If you crave tea cakes then you’re in luck. This keto tea cake recipe will take the monotony out of low carb food. Add some tea, butter, sweetener, and these keto tea cakes will be a great breakfast or afternoon teatime keto Snack.

4- Keto Coffee Cake

These keto coffee cakes are full of medium chain triglycerides which will keep your body energized and your ketone levels high throughout the day. Coffee has so many health benefits and is good for your overall health.

5- keto coconut cream pie can be made keto with the right fats.

Here I used a low carb blend of stevia, erythritol, coconut sugar, and erythritol. It takes the place of erythritol in this recipe. If you are making this recipe with regular coconut flour you can skip the coconut sugar and substitute with erythritol. Or if you prefer just coconut sugar you could use coconut flour. It just depends on which carbs you use. The coconut cream used to be made with butter. But, now, there is a great alternative! Coconut butter is low in saturated fat and tastes great, in many ways! Plus, coconut butter works so well with other ingredients, such as the coconut flour used in this recipe, that it’s actually worth it to make it with coconut butter!

One good thing about coconut butter is that it tastes great for breakfast! I love it in pancakes, chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, and on top of smoothies.

Eating a ketogenic diet does not make me work harder or exercise more, but it makes me less frustrated and more relaxed. I can eat large quantities of food in moderation, and still enjoy having a meal every day. With less fatigue and more energy, I can concentrate and work better, too. Of course, I still eat red meat, fish, milk and dairy products, but the feeling of guilt of missing out and negative I don’t need to force myself to work harder. My energy levels last longer, I’m happier, and my lifestyle is much more enjoyable. I can eat every day, and exercise regularly, and still have a fulfilling life.

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