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Hot Springs Southeast Asia

Whether you’re counting calories or just want a healthier lifestyle, the warm weather during the summer is sure to help you lose weight and sweat. The brutal heat in summer may lead to dehydration, which in turn can lead to serious health problems like heat stroke and heat exhaustion.
Summer is a great time to travel, but it can also cause disruptions to our health and wellness routines. However, by taking some precautions and making some adjustments to your usual habits, you can stay healthy while still enjoying your travels. Here are some tips and suggestions:

1. Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things you can do to stay healthy during summer travel is to stay hydrated. This is especially important if you’re visiting a warmer destination or engaging in outdoor activities. Make sure you pack a reusable water bottle and refill regularly at safe water sources. If you’re not sure about the water quality in a certain area, buy bottled water instead. Also, limit your intake of sugary or alcoholic drinks and caffeine, as they can dehydrate you.

2. Eat Well

Eating healthy food while traveling can be a challenge, especially if you’re experiencing new cuisines or cultural dishes. To stay healthy, try to plan ahead and pack some healthy snacks, such as fruits, nuts, and whole-grain crackers. Don’t forget to research the destination’s local cuisine and the best places to get healthy food options.

3. Exercise Regularly

Staying active on vacation can be a fun way to explore new surroundings while also maintaining physical health. Look for opportunities to take walks, go for a jog, bike ride or hike. You may also opt for activities such as swimming, kayaking or paddle-boarding as a way of exercising while enjoying the surroundings.

4. Protect Your Skin

When traveling, especially to locations with a lot of sun, always remember to apply sunscreen with a high SPF before going outside. Wear sunglasses and hats for added protection. Remember to reapply sunscreen every few hours especially if you sweat or take a dip in the pool or ocean.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Travel can disrupt your sleep patterns, especially if you’re changing time zones. Be sure to plan ahead and get enough sleep before and during your travels. Make sure you have a comfortable sleep environment, pack earplugs and sleep mask, if necessary.

And we all know that a little sweat is always healthy. Let’s take a look at the best places to find and enjoy water:

1. Hot springs

Summer is the ideal time to visit hot springs in North America and Europe, but the hot springs in Southeast Asia can also be excellent places to fill up on fluids. Your body heats up very quickly, and there is a direct link between the time of day and temperature. Located in the southwest of Thailand, a number of different hot springs offer players a plethora of methods for cooling down and relieving stress. These are as varied as they are refreshing, with a wide variety of prices to be had and varying services to suit everyone’s needs.
Top recommended hot springs in Southeast Asia:

1. Siam Hoon Chun Hot Spring

Beijing’s Hoon Chun in Siam is a fabulous option for a hot spring holiday. From May until October, the park offers a great range of activities. Hoon Chun is less about soaking in the water and more about experiencing it as an Asian traditional spa. Take the opportunity to take a stroll on the beach, visit a souvenir shop, and enjoy local street food.

2. Phuket Princess Hot Springs

Other popular hot springs in Phuket are the coral as well as Phuket Tropical Mermaid and famous Sunset Beach. You may want to travel there during spring so that you can watch water froth and swirl.

If you do not have the time to visit, you may consider the famous House of Saturn, a private beach paradise for sea horses on the popular Caribbean island of Phuket.

3. Somesak

Another popular hot spring place in the region is Somesak, situated near the famous diving island of Sintra. This is one of the best-known and well-loved hot springs in Phuket. Other hot springs are located in nearby island of Khao Lak where we chose as our first choice.

4. Ramanai Cave

Located in the Nagarjunasagar district of the state of Tamil Nadu, Ramanai Cave is One of the most famous hot springs in India it is One of the most famous hot springs in India. It is said to be found in a recess, which has been dry for the last 5-6 million years. The water emerges from deep in the earth through natural cracks in the rock. Access to the cave is by a 37-foot flight of stairs. The cave stretches for some 38 miles, as it winds up the face of the hills.

5. Chizhiji

This is a famous Kailash rock structure, which has been developed into a tourist place by that people from various parts of the world who came to know about this place. The Kailash rock structure situated at an elevation of over 6000 feet has been a popular tourist destination for many years. Here the visitors can get a lift on an ordinary small passenger lift, this will also be a place where tourists can visit all the shops and see the architecture of the place.

Today, you can reach Kailash by all the modes of transport including subways, buses, and trains.

6. Hariyari

Close to Kailash, the small town is famous for its hot springs. They are located close to an old dry river bed in the top of a mountain. Their location makes it a perfect location for taking a romantic steam bath in the middle of nature. The bath house’s walls are all of a wood made with real timbers. The water temperature is 25 degrees and the temperature gets higher when you come out of the bath tub.
Kailash is famous for its sacred hot springs a popular travel destination on the Northeast India’s Gangetic Coast. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it attracts millions of tourists each year.

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