How to travel to Europe on a Budget


Travelling to Europe is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have. Unless it’s financially draining your bank account. The beautiful places in Europe are quite expensive that’s why many people think travelling to Europe has become the privilege only of the rich ones. Over time, different budget-friendly travel options were designed to make travelling in various cities of Europe more affordable for everyone.

Budget Travel in Europe

Europe is home to some amazing places. Whether you are looking for something fun and relaxing, like the beach, or something adventurous, like climbing to the top of an ancient skyscraper, you’ll find it here. So when you are planning a holiday in Europe and you want to save some money, consider the following travel options.

Budget-friendly hotels in Europe

Hostels are great places to stay if you want to save money. They usually offer decent facilities and usually come with all the basic amenities. However, be careful when you pick a place because not all hostels are the same. Some offer you a lot more facilities than the others. For instance, some hostels are quite private while some of them are more public. So it is advisable to always ask about the facilities and amenities you will get if you stay in a hostel.

Budget-friendly hotels in europe will come with standard hotel facilities, but you might have to settle for a shared bathroom if you book at the budget end of the scale. Standard budget european hotels will come with air conditioning, free wifi, and basic breakfast included in the price. It’s worth checking to make sure that these services are included in your room rate, as many budget-friendly hotels have started charging extra for these extras.

These hotels will often not have a lounge or bar area, so if you’re looking for somewhere quiet to sip on a cocktail at the end of the night, you might want to opt for a midrange option. As well as rooms and en suite facilities, these budget-friendly european hotels will come with an on-site restaurant where you can get a filling meal without blowing your budget.

Preparing to travel with a map

Budget-friendly city

When travelling to Europe you will surely find it easy to find a place that will not bust your budget. And you will find that some cities have cheap hotels. This is because it is more affordable to stay in the city rather than going to the countryside. For example, you will find that in the cities like London and Paris, hotels are more affordable than in other parts of the country. So when you are in a city like London, you will find that cheap hotels are pretty common.

Most of the budget-friendly hotels in europe are going to be in a central location, and it’s easy to walk or take public transport to any of your destinations. A few will also offer breakfast, but you can expect it to be very basic and not a menu that you’re going to rave about. Budget hotels really embrace the concept of value for money and you shouldn’t expect anything more than what is advertised

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Budget-friendly sightseeing

Europe has lots of attractions. However, most people don’t actually explore the places they are coming to because they are too busy visiting the most popular places. But when you do that, you are losing out on a lot. That’s why you will find that many people choose to rent a car and drive around. This way they will be able to see everything. That way, they will have the time to do the activities that are most interesting and exciting to them.

If you want to take in Europe, you will find that driving is a great way to do it. Not only will it allow you to see the country and all of its different areas, but it will allow you to really get away from it all. That’s why you should book your car rental ahead of time so that you can have something ready when you arrive.

Driving in Europe can be a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. You have to be particularly aware of the fact that many roads are narrow, so there isn’t a lot of room for error. You also need to be careful about speed limits. Obey them because speeding tickets can be quite expensive and they won’t go well with your vacation budget.

You will want to make sure that you choose a car that is right for your needs. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the countryside is if your car breaks down on the side of the road. Choose a car that is reliable and something that won’t overheat or break down when you least expect it.

Budget-friendly local tours

One of the best ways that you can have an experience of the place you are visiting is by going on local tours in europe. That’s because you will get to do the activities that are most fun and exciting to you. These tours can include things like biking, walking, hiking and various other activities.

Tours typically take place over the course of a day or several days and allow people to immerse themselves in local culture and get to know more about their surroundings. Local tours in europe are also budget friendly. That’s because if you go on these tours most of them will be led by locals who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences with others.

These people have a much better understanding of the places they live in than someone who has just come to visit for a short period of time. So if you want to learn about the local culture, history or just see some of the most beautiful sights around, going on these tour is a great way to do it without spending a lot of money.

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When choosing which tour to take look at what your interests are and then find out which tour fits into those interests the best. There are all kinds of tours available so there is something for everyone!

Here are some tips and tricks for a budget Europe trip:

Book airfare as soon as possible. Airlines usually have the cheapest fares available to Europe during the summer, but you should still book early to find the best deal. If you are travelling in peak season and if you are not able to book your flight early, then you should adjust your travel dates. You can also try to find a cheap flight by flying to another country and taking an internal flight.

Buy a rail pass instead of individual train tickets. You will be able to see more places when you buy a rail pass because you will get discount on all of your trips. This is one of the best ways for saving money during your Europe trip because rail passes are generally cheaper than individual tickets. You can also save money by traveling at off-peak times. For example, travelling from Thursday to Sunday will be cheaper than travelling on Friday or Saturday, because more people travel on those days. Traveling during the week is also cheaper than travelling on weekends. If you are going to travel over the weekend, make sure that you have everything arranged beforehand so that you won’t need any additional accommodation or transportation during your trip.

Traveling by foot

If you have the time to travel by foot, then this is the ultimate way to experience the place that you are visiting. You will be able to see the city, the people and their culture. This is a practical way of saving money because it will save you money on transportation. There are also a lot of places where you can camp or sleep in exchange for little money. If you decide to sleep in a place like that, then you will also be able to have an authentic experience because you will be with local people.

Travelling with a backpack
Backpack Travelling

Traveling with a backpack

Here are some of the main advantages that you will have if you travel to Europe with a backpack: You will feel free. When you go from one place to another by a backpack, you will feel free and can do whatever you want. Traveling this way, you will be able to find new things to do and places to visit. You will not be limited by anything. You can bring your own meals and snacks without spending too much money when eating out. You will meet a lot of people.

By traveling to Europe with a backpack, you will meet people that live in the different countries that you visit there as well as tourists like yourself. You will share many things together, like experiences and places to visit. It is easy to make friends when traveling by a backpack since people usually feel comfortable talking to each other while they are in other countries they don’t know very well. You will have more fun.

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When traveling with a backpack, it is easier for you to find fun activities that interest you in each country that you visit within Europe. You can take part in different activities and enjoy what each country has to offer, such as museums or art galleries.

Tips For Saving Money On Your European Getaway

  • Book flights at the best time: Look for flights that have the best deals at the best times. Consider flying during off-peak times, such as on weekdays, to save money.
  • Research accommodations: Look for the best deals on hotels and Airbnb. Consider staying in hostels or camping to save money.
  • Look for discounts: Check websites like Groupon  for discounts on local attractions.
  • Take advantage of public transportation: Research public transportation options ahead of time to save money on taxis and rental cars.
  • Eat like a local: Look for local restaurants and markets to get a taste of the cuisine without breaking the bank.
  • Pack light: Pack only the essentials to save on airline baggage fees.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle: Bring a reusable water bottle to fill up at public fountains and save money on buying bottled water.
  • Consider purchasing a rail pass: If you plan to do a lot of traveling by train, research whether a rail pass is the most cost-effective option.
  • Take advantage of free activities: Look for free activities such as walking tours, open-air markets, and free museums.
  • Consider a money-saving package: Some tour companies and travel websites offer money-saving packages

Going to Europe alone

When you are going to Europe alone, you will enjoy more freedom and you will be able to do more things that you want. You will also be able to interact with the locals more easily. However, when you are going to Europe alone, you will have to pay for everything by yourself. You will not have anyone to share the expenses with. If you want to go on vacation by yourself, consider going to Europe because there are a lot of things that you can do there. You can see a lot of historical sites and museums there. Also, it is easy for you to get around because of all the transportation options that are available.

If you want your trip to be memorable, then try visiting historic landmarks and museums in Europe such as the Colosseum in Rome or the Louvre in France. If you want to travel by yourself and still feel safe, then look for a hotel that has 24 hour security services. You also need to find a hotel that has good reviews. A hotel with 24 hour security services and good reviews is more likely to keep your belongings safe while you are out exploring the city on your own.


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