Montreal is an amazing city to visit. As a matter of fact, it’s my favorite city. It offers so many different things to do and see that you can’t get bored. If you want to explore the city and you haven’t done so already, then keep reading this article for some tips about where to go and what to eat in Montreal.

Montreal is the type of city where you have everything: amazing restaurants, museums, and very beautiful parks. I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite places in Montreal.

Where to go and what to eat in Montreal

There are tons of restaurants and malls to visit. You can go to the Old Port or to Parc La Fontaine, a large park located in the city center. There are also many art galleries and museums, which are also a must-see. You can visit one of the museums such as Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, or you can go to the Notre-Dame Basilica and the Notre-Dame de Grâce Basilica in Montréal-Nord. They’re both beautiful. The Old Port is full of nice places to eat. I’ll tell you about some of my favorite restaurants in the next paragraphs.

My favorite places to eat in Montreal:

Le Café Le Pain Du Tout

I’ve been there a few times because I really love its atmosphere and the delicious food. This coffee shop is located in Mile End (the area on the east side of the city). You can eat there if you want to try good authentic Québec cuisine. The menu consists of mainly of traditional Québec food. There are burgers, salads and of course a wide selection of bread and sweets. I recommend the omelet with the salmon and spinach filling. It’s quite a large omelet and you can taste the salmon. There’s a picture of the omelet on the picture below.

I like Le Café Le Pain Du Tout because they give you a plate with a huge piece of bread (the crust is nice and thick). It’s a great starter. In fact, I always get an omelet and a bread in a basket. It’s just perfect.

The price is also very reasonable and you can enjoy it inside or outside.

Le Saint Julien

It’s not on the list of the top places to eat in Montreal, but it’s close to Plateau Mont-Royal. It’s a famous, well-known and very romantic spot to eat. There are many restaurants there. It’s kind of a special restaurant because it’s very close to Mont-Royal. You should definitely try it if you’re visiting Montreal. It’s my favorite place to eat outside of the city center.

I like to go there in the summer and have a nice meal. You can go outside or inside. It’s a pretty big restaurant and it’s pretty busy. The prices are very reasonable. The food is good and very French.

For those of you who are vegetarian or vegan, it’s a wonderful place to go. Their omelet is vegetarian and they also have vegan cheese. My favorite is the brie and tomato sandwich. It’s very delicious. They also have many vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and gluten-free options.




Now, if you’re in Montreal and you haven’t had gelato or sorbet from a dessert cart yet, don’t miss it. You should definitely try it if you’re a dessert fan. I like the coffee flavors and their “Café Bleu” is really good.

Also, the chocolate flavors are very good and are actually the best ones I’ve tried so far. The sorbet is great as well. But, the coffee flavors are the best of all.

There are too many good ones to name. Here are a couple of my favorites:

1. Café Vert – They have a few flavors but the cherry and raspberry ones are very good.

2. Café Lebkuchen – This one is a bakery in La Santé which is an area that is very close to Mont-Royal. The food is delicious and they have a few different flavors. I like the raspberry and coconut flavors.

Moeurs Montréalaises

Are you a wine connoisseur? Do you like a good cigar? Or perhaps you just like to learn about the culture and history of a city? Then you should visit La Société des Moeurs Montréalaises. You’ll learn about the history of the arts and culture of the city, of the city’s artists and artists. You’ll meet the city’s artists and talk to them about their creations and be a part of their cultural experience.

The members are from all walks of life and are very friendly. They have all kinds of events including lectures and films. If you’re in the Montréal area, check it out. It’s quite interesting and I highly recommend it!

I was invited to one of their tasting events. It was a small gathering at a restaurant called La Gare du Cap-St. Louis. When we arrived there, we were greeted with wine. The event started with a little snack. They had cheese, crackers and fruits. Then we were served a glass of champagne. I’m glad that I had already had a few drinks in the afternoon as this made the tasting event much more enjoyable. They had some nice wines and the event was moderated.

We were split into smaller groups with the host and each person was responsible for tasting their wines and giving their opinion. Each group was given a specific wines. The host gave each person some basic information about the wine they were about to taste.

Each bottle of wine is worth more than $25 in most of the wine shops. This wine was no exception. It was very expensive and I really didn’t like it. It was a really sweet, kind of fruity wine. After the wine tasting, they offered the participants other wine recommendations. They were very knowledgeable about the wine. It was great fun and I met some wonderful people at the event.

Wine enthusiasts and sommeliers, if you’re ever in the Montreal area, please go to this tasting event. You won’t regret it! It’s really a great way to learn and connect with people about the wine. This is a must-do for any wine lover in Montreal.

With all of these places to choose from, you may be wondering: where do I start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This list is separated into the best places to eat in Montreal, in order of most affordable to most expensive. So whatever your budget may be, you’ll find a place that suits your tastes  and budget!


  1.  Bistro Sable – Les Oies de St Pierre

If the menu at Bistro Sable isn’t what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place. This restaurant is a haven for tourists and locals alike. They have a number of different menus, offering everything from seafood and steak to vegetarian options. Their most-requested meal is the “tartelettes”, a selection of mini-desserts that comes with a unique taste that you won’t find anywhere else. Try the chocolate eclair and the red velvet pie, both of which are delicious and a must-eat. There is also a breakfast menu that offers a generous selection of omelettes.

This restaurant has everything, including an amazing outdoor terrace, a bar, and even a pool table. There are a number of private dining options as well, including a tented seating area on the roof.

  • 2. Gastrospectre

Gastrospectre is a new restaurant that opened in Montreal’s Old Port area. In terms of price, it’s probably one of the least expensive in the city. There are a number of options that you can choose from, and everything from steak to seafood is available. They also offer a range of vegan and vegetarian options. The atmosphere is also very lively, as there are live musicians playing while diners enjoy their food.

You can also try their famous “Gastrospectre burger”, where the patties are wrapped in a lettuce leaf and baked with cheese inside. A classic Quebecois dish, it’s one that you’ll find in many other restaurants as well.

3. Restaurant L’Avenue

If you don’t want to go in for a full-on meal at Restaurant L’Avenue, you can choose from a number of different starters or mains. You can start with a number of dishes, from crab cakes, to a classic burger. The restaurant has a classic décor, and the waiters are friendly.

Their menu is extensive, and covers all of the traditional favourites as well as a number of local dishes that aren’t found in other restaurants. The most popular is probably the pork and seafood platter, which features a variety of seafood and meats.

4. Le Chalet

A popular steakhouse and a staple in Montreal, Le Chalet has been around since 1964. While it doesn’t offer a wide variety of different meals, it’s known for its steak, and is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. A number of other famous steakhouses also feature on the same menu, so you can really sample a number of different tastes.

5. Chino

This is one of the most popular Asian restaurants in the city. For most people, it’s a place to experience traditional Chinese food. While there are a number of different options available, there is also a number of vegetarian and vegan options. The menu is extensive, and includes a number of vegetarian items that are often only found in authentic Chinese restaurants.

6. Les Halles

This restaurant started off life as a food court, but later changed to offer French cuisine. At Les Halles, you can find a number of different options. The most popular are the mussels and seafood platter, as well as the filet mignon and the steak tartare.

7. Le Saint-Michel

This restaurant is perfect for special occasions. The service is attentive and professional, and the wine list is extensive. You can enjoy a range of traditional Quebec dishes in an elegant dining room.

The most popular dishes are the steak tartare and the “poutine imperial”, which is a dish that is only found in Quebec. It features fries with béchamel, onion, smoked beef and a number of cheeses. The restaurant also offers a number of classic cocktails, such as the “frozen mimosa”, which combines Champagne and citrus juice.

Montreal has a lot to offer! It’s lively and full of people. There are many restaurants, bars, and clubs around the city. It’s a great place to party. I advise you to try poutine, it’s one of my favorite dishes in Montreal! The Old Port is a nice place. You can go there to eat, drink or buy souvenirs! That’s all for now.



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Montreal is an amazing city to visit. As a matter of fact, it’s my favorite city. It offers so many different things to do and see that you can’t get bored. If you want to explore the city and you haven’t done so already, then keep reading this article for some tips about where to ...
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