” ‘The best things about Sydney are free,” resident Russell Crowe has said. It is arguably the top metropolis on the planet for soaking up the scenery, but Sydneysiders don’t take these God-given gifts for granted. When they’re not out in the surf, swimming laps in an ocean pool, or […]

” It’s among the most geographically isolated cities in the world, and sits on the edge of the Indian Ocean, so it’s only natural that the bright lights of Perth come from the sun and the sky. And that’s what gives Perth its sense of openness, endlessness and possibility. Drive […]

” ADVENTURE Mongolian cycling adventure Where Arrive Ulaan Baatar. Cycling starts at ErdenetWhen Departs 9 and 26 June, 4 August and 1 SeptemberExertion Moderate, involves 4-6 hours of cycling covering 50-60km miles per day, ascents and descents minimal. There’s a support vehicle for anyone who gets too tiredTraining Regular cycling […]

” Beach mapNEAR PORTO 1. Praia Forte do Paço, Viana do Castelo In Portugal’s north-western district of Viana do Castelo, an hour north of Porto, wooded hills give way to a coastline of coves, dunes and secret beaches, of which Praia Forte do Paço is the best. The 800-metre stretch […]