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Aspen,Colorado with a pup
Aspen,Colorado with a pup

Dog Friendly' Aspen

Aspen, Colorado is a beautiful place to visit year round, and its picturesque views, outdoor activities, and pet friendly accommodations make it an ideal destination for families with four-legged companions. Whether you’re looking for a cozy mountain retreat during the winter months or a summer getaway with your pup, there’s plenty of things to do in Aspen with your canine companion.

Start your day off with a hike at the Maroon Bell -Snowmass Wilderness area. This 14,000-acre wilderness area is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts, and you and your pup can explore the area’s vast trails and stunning views of the Maroon Bells and Pyramid Peak. You can also take a short drive to the Hunter Frying Pan Wilderness area for a more relaxed hike, or head to the Buttermilk Ski Area for an invigorating trek.

Go Hiking: Aspen is home to some of the most incredible hiking trails in the country. Take your pup on a hike up the picturesque Maroon Bells trail or through the Ashcroft Ghost Town. Not only will you get some exercise, but your pup will love the fresh mountain air.

Visit Snowmass Dog Park: For a fun and safe place for your pup to run around, take a trip to Snowmass Dog Park. This dog park has plenty of open space for your pup to run around and play, as well as a stream for them to cool off in.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can hop on the Maroon Creek Trail and explore the lush forests and meadows. Don’t forget to bring a picnic for you and your pup to enjoy! Aspen is known for its amazing skiing and snowboarding, and luckily dogs are allowed on the ski lifts! If your pup isn’t a fan of the slopes, there are still plenty of places to explore. The Rio Grande Trail is great for a long leisurely walk, and you can even find a few dog parks along the way.

Aspen is an absolutely gorgeous place to take your pup! With endless outdoor activities to enjoy, there’s something for both of you to love. Take a walk along the Rio Grande Trail, which offers stunning views of the Roaring Fork Valley. If your pup loves to swim, then head to the Rio Grande Park dog pond, where they can splash around and play with other furry friends. Aspen also has many parks and open spaces to explore, as well as a dog beach at the Maroon Creek Reservoir.


Spending the holidays in Aspen with my two dogs was a dream come true. We spent a week in this gorgeous mountain town, and there are so many activities to do with your pet. We took a long walk along the river and stopped at the local pet stores to pick up some treats. There are also plenty of pet-friendly restaurants and cafes where we could take a break and get a bite to eat. We even took a scenic drive through the countryside, enjoying the stunning mountain views. Another highlight of our trip was playing fetch in the snow. The dogs had a blast running around and playing with their favorite toys. We also went for a hike in the woods, with the dogs leading the way. This pet holiday in Aspen was definitely one to remember. Every moment was filled with love, laughter, and lots of fun. The beauty of the mountains, the fresh air, and the peaceful atmosphere all combined to create an unforgettable experience.


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