How to travel to Hawaii on a budget?


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You can plan a cheap travel to Hawaii here. We’ll reveal helpful tips and hacks so you can enjoy your trip in Hawaii without breaking the bank.

With its rich cultural history, tropical climate, lush nature, and beautiful beaches, Hawaii is a must-see place. But how to afford a trip to Hawaii on a budget?

As the price of a first-class flight from mainland U.S. to Honolulu, Hawaii can easily run into thousands of dollars, it’s easy to see why so many people dream of taking a trip to Hawaii someday.

The only problem is, there’s a seemingly never-ending list of expenses to consider: rent or condo, car hire, flight, rental car, food, drinks, entertainment, and souvenirs. Add to that the cost of spending time in the local shopping districts and eating in local restaurants, and you quickly find yourself out of pocket.

But as many budget travelers know, the most difficult part of making a budget for a trip to Hawaii isn’t actually finding ways to cut costs. It’s avoiding spending money once you’ve gone.

With a little planning and creativity, you can find ways to keep your vacation costs down without feeling like you’re skimping on your vacation. Below are some strategies to help you reach your Hawaii vacation goals on a budget.

1. Pick your trip length

One of the easiest ways to save money while on a trip to Hawaii is to limit the length of your stay. While it’s certainly possible to travel the whole length of the Hawaiian Islands on a budget, it’s generally not the best option.

Why is it not the best option?

If you travel the whole length of the Hawaiian Islands on a budget, you’ll likely pay less than if you were to stay in an all-inclusive resort for a week or two. However, you’ll have to decide whether you can live without any of the extras that all-inclusive resorts offer, including Wi-Fi, multiple restaurants, an on-site spa, etc.

If you can live without the extras, then you should definitely consider limiting your trip to one of the islands. If you decide to stay on a different island from where you’ll be sailing, you can visit the islands and their most popular tourist attractions in one or two days.

2. Visit Waikiki or the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

If you stay in a budget accommodation, you don’t have to stay far from the center of Honolulu in order to find inexpensive accommodations. For instance, you could stay at the Sheraton on Waikiki Beach, where rooms cost around $150/night on average.

Alternatively, you can book a room in a cheap condo or B&B in an area of Honolulu that’s a little bit farther from Waikiki. On Waikiki Beach, you’ll find cheaper hotels and B&Bs within a 15-20-minute walk from Waikiki’s biggest hotels.

If you want to visit Waikiki, one of the most visited attractions in the state, you can hop on a public bus from Honolulu to Waikiki. You can also hire a taxi to take you from the airport.

A few hours before your flight, you can visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The volcano that sits on Hawaii Island has become an essential part of the Hawaiian landscape. It can be very crowded in the park in July and August, but the majority of the tourists visiting Hawaii is likely to head to this park when the lava is flowing.

This volcanic activity has been around for over a century, and if you want to see the park at its best, you should head to the last day of the month of September, when the park has its last weekly cleaning of the roads.

3. Travel by boat

The third option is to take a sea cruise around Oahu. In other words, you can choose to explore Hawaii by boat instead of visiting the main islands.

The main attraction of sea cruises is that they’ll allow you to see Hawaii Island and Hawaii’s North Shore. You can tour the islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai. The first three islands are the main islands of Hawaii.

A lot of travelers choose to travel by sea cruise for a number of reasons. For one thing, you can see Hawaii from a unique angle – if you want to see where the volcanoes are.

When you take a sea cruise to Hawaii, you’ll also see the beaches, reefs and islands that are located around the islands.

When it comes to the price of Hawaii tours, you’ll be surprised by the many cruises you can take around the islands. Some cruises can be as cheap as $15.

If you’re traveling with friends or family, you can do a group cruises and make friends with the people on the cruise.

When you’re sailing around the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll also find that you’ll see the stunning landscapes of the islands.

4. Try surfing in Hawaii

People Surfing on Sea Waves
Surfs Up

If you want to explore the Hawaiian Islands from a unique angle, you should consider trying out surfing. There’s a reason that this activity is called one of the greatest thrills in the world.

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Surfing in Hawaii will make you want to visit the Hawaiian islands and experience the beauty of the landscapes around them. You’ll also want to visit the famous surfing beaches of Hawaii.

Surfing is a great activity to share with friends. You can go with a group of people, or take a private trip to learn the best spots for surfing.

If you want to take a surfing trip to Hawaii, you can start with a package that you can find from Cruise Hawaii.

5. Get away from the daily routines and go on a fishing trip

When it comes to trying out new activities around the islands, you should also consider fishing. The first time you’re going to take a fishing trip to Hawaii, you might think that you’re going to have a hard time because you’re not an experienced fisherman.

On the contrary, fishing in Hawaii is an experience that you’re going to love. When you fish, you will have the opportunity to get away from the usual routine.

You’ll also enjoy the fresh and tropical atmosphere that the islands have to offer. If you want to try out this type of activity, you’ll want to do some research and look for a company that provides fishing trips to Hawaii.

When it comes to planning your trip, you should try out some activities that you can do on the islands. It’s always a good idea to plan your trip to Hawaii before you arrive there.

On your next vacation, don’t be afraid to take a chance on a new adventure. You’ll enjoy the change of scenery, and you’ll feel more relaxed once you get to Hawaii.

Are you looking for the best places to surf in Hawaii?

If you’re thinking about surfing in Hawaii, you’ll want to go to the main island. On the west coast, you’ll have plenty of options. However, if you want to go to a different area, you’ll want to research all of the possible options.

If you’re looking for the best spots to surf, you should consider going to the north shore of Oahu. If you’re thinking about surfing in Hawaii, you should know that there are many different spots to choose from.

When it comes to surfing in Hawaii, you should also consider Maui. This is the most popular destination when it comes to surfing in Hawaii. It’s always a good idea to look at websites that are focused on surfers.

When you look for surf spots, you should be aware of the surf breaks and have surf tips in order to take full advantage of this amazing spot. It’s worth looking into surf lessons Maui to get a head start on your surfing abilities.

Surf Hawaii Vacation Tips: What to expect on a surf trip in Maui

If you are a beginner you will need some basic knowledge in order to ensure a smooth surf trip in Maui. Before you surf, you should get to know some basic information about surfing in Maui. There are many surf breaks around the island. If you want to find the perfect spot for you, it is best that you read and learn more about the surf breaks. You might like this post about Hawaii’s Best surf breaks.

What To Expect On A Surfing Trip in Maui?

Maui Sunset

Maui is a prime destination when it comes to surfing in Hawaii. It has great surfing experiences for every level. In Hawaii, a surf trip in Maui will definitely bring you into the most stunning places in the island. On a surf trip, you will most likely get to enjoy your time on the island. It is an island which has many things to offer. This will make it easy to enjoy your time and get the most out of your vacation.

If you’re planning a vacation to the islands and want to catch some waves, check out some these amazing surfing spots in Hawaii:


Surfing in Hawaii is an essential thing. The island of Molokai has an amazing wave that deserves to be considered the best in the world!

It all began when some surfers decided to make a trip to Hawaii in order to get an exclusive experience of this spot. At first, the trip to the Islands was sponsored by an international surf magazine, but the spot on Molokai was too good to be ignored, so the magazine decided to do an article and included the spot to the world list of the best in the world!

Molokai has the best waves in the world!

Molokai is the most well-known Hawaiian surf spot and is part of the Kona Coast, as the most famous of the group of little islands that make up the Big Island. It is located in the southern portion of the island of Molokai, which is considered the smallest island of Hawaii.

The spot is very well known by surfers because it was the first location to feature on the list of the “50 greatest waves in the world”.

Surfboard on the Beach

1-Molokai Beach

It is a perfect surf spot, thanks to its very gentle waves that are perfect for beginners and intermediates. Some of the most beautiful views are the ones that can be enjoyed when walking on the beach, when the sun shines in the sky, with the surf crashing against the shore.

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The wave is located on a rocky cliff and has a shallow reef that provides good grip on the wave when it is really tall, so the surfers need to use a good body position, keeping the legs bent and lifting the body towards the sky, in order to remain safe.

Molokai is a really friendly spot and the locals are very welcoming, which makes the whole experience a real pleasure.

2-Pipeline Beach Park

Pipeline Beach Park is located on Oahu’s North Shore. It’s an ideal spot for experienced surfers who want to be really close to the action. This location is dangerous, so you should only visit if you’re an expert. Swells can reach 40 feet, and there are underwater rocks that aren’t visible from above. The park is located at the end of Awakena Avenue on Ehukai Beach.

3- Waimea Bay Beach Park

Waimea Bay Beach Park is located on the southeastern shore on Oahu and is a popular tourist destination for people who want to see the famous Banzai Pipeline or just enjoy the beach atmosphere. The bay has a deep channel that’s rich with nutrients, so it has perfect conditions for big waves. When conditions are right, experienced surfer will paddle into 25-foot waves and other people will watch from the beaches or cliffs above.

What should I know about Hawaii in general?

The main thing that you’ll want to think about is how hot the weather can get in the islands. As far as temperatures go, you’ll want to try to stay as cool as possible. In the summer, you should try to keep a small fan nearby so that you can stay cool.

It’s also a good idea to wear clothes that are made out of material that will help keep you cool. You should stay in the shade whenever you can. If you have any allergies or respiratory problems, you should also make sure that you’re taking all of the medications that you need.

The other thing that you should think about when you’re planning a trip to Hawaii is whether you want to stay in hotels or stay at a campsite. A great option for camping is to reserve a site at Oahu State Parks. That way, you can be as close to the ocean as possible.

If you decide to stay at a hotel, there are many different types of hotels that you can choose from. You should always find one that offers a great deal and one that’s the perfect location for your trip.

Of course, when you’re on vacation, you’ll want to make sure that you pack the right clothes. Depending on how far you travel to get to your hotel, you might want to make sure that you pack more of the basics. It’s also a good idea to bring some sunscreen and bug spray.

If you’re staying in an RV, you should always take a look at the size of it. Remember, you’ll be sleeping in it, so you’ll want to make sure that you can fit comfortably. Plus, you’ll have a lot of storage space in an RV.

saving money for Hawaii
saving tips

Planning a trip to Hawaii on a budget can be stressful. There are so many details to remember, and you may need to pack for a long trip that lasts up to a week. So to help you plan your trip, we’re sharing all the essentials for a trip to Hawaii on a budget.

What to Pack

If you’re planning to visit a tropical paradise, the first thing you need to do is pack the right things. Make sure you pack the following items so you won’t go broke in Hawaii:

What To Wear

Although you won’t necessarily need it, make sure to bring clothes that fit you well. That way you won’t need to buy new clothes in Hawaii. You’ll also want to bring an extra T-shirt or two. Because it’s tropical in Hawaii, you’ll be going from rain to sun. If you have a hard time fitting in clothes in the airport, make sure to pack some that are light. And if you have to wear layers, make sure you pack a few that you can easily take off.

A good place to start is to look for good deals on the clothing you’ll need. You can find all the popular brand names on department store website. For example, if you’re going to look for beachwear, don’t buy the one you have at home. Find something better to fit you better. That way you won’t need to buy a second shirt in Hawaii.

What to Avoid

You’ll find many items to pack for a trip to Hawaii. You can find that there are many places in the state to enjoy. But you need to avoid these:

Don’t overpack! Unless you’re prepared to carry more than 35 pounds of luggage, it’s best not to bring a lot of luggage with you. If you’re using an online travel agency to plan your trip, don’t try to pack more than 30 pounds per bag. If you’re using a physical travel agency to help you book your trip, stick to 15 pounds per bag.

Packing light will make your vacation much more enjoyable. It’s difficult to have fun when you’re constantly struggling with your bags, and your travel companions will likely be grateful not to have to deal with it either. Remember: lighter is better.

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If you’re traveling with an open heart, you’ll have an amazing time in Hawaii. Even if you’re feeling a bit tired or out of it, there’s so much to do. There’s no doubt that you’ll have an incredible time in Hawaii. It’s a tropical paradise, so be prepared to enjoy the warm weather. Get ready to do your best to enjoy a paradise like Hawaii. If you can do this Hawaii island hopping tour, you won’t want to miss it.

In conclusion, a vacation to Hawaii need not be an expensive proposition. With some planning and effort, you can find ways to reduce the cost of your trip without feeling like you’re skimping on the quality of your trip. Just keep in mind that if you want to truly enjoy your precious time in Hawaii, you’ll want to plan ahead, book early, and plan a little play into the mix of activities. You’ll quickly discover that it’s worth it!

What are the best activities to do with kids in Hawaii?

The activities vary from beaches, luaus, snorkeling, sight seeing, shopping, nightlife, concerts, dining out and many more. To give you some ideas, we have listed down the top 10 things to do in Hawaii for kids.

1. Sea turtles are found in Hawaii on beaches from North Kailua south to Kona. At the time of this publication, the turtles are in the South Kona Marine Protected Area. In order to observe the turtles, visitors need to be quiet, keep to the boardwalk and avoid touching the eggs. The rules and regulations are published in our Hawaii Travel Guide page under the heading for South Kona.

2. Do the kids love to surf? Then get ready for a family adventure. Oahu’s Waikiki is the perfect place for kids to play in the surf. For more surfing ideas, be sure to visit the Travel Guide under the heading for Waikiki.

3. Take a ride on the Hawaii Railroad! The Hawaii Railway will bring you to the best places for beach, snorkeling, surfing, sight seeing, hiking, dining and more. It operates from Kailua Kona, Ka‘a, Kona Village, and Keauhou, Oahu. The Hawaii Railway was created as a division of the Hawaiian Electric Company. See what the railroads are all about at the Travel Guide under the heading for the Hawaii Railways.

4. The island of Maui has two wonderful beaches for the kids to enjoy the swimming, surf, and sun. Wailea and Ka‘anapali Beach are located in the Ka‘anapali resort area on Maui. Both beaches are family friendly with shallow water, gentle waves and lifeguards on duty. There is also a water slide at the Wailea Beach and a sand castle contest. Both are found at the Travel Guide page under the heading for Maui.

5. Snorkeling is another fun activity for families. Many snorkel spots are located in the Hanauma Bay Marine Reserve. See what the bay is all about at the Travel Guide under the heading for Hanauma Bay.

6. Hawaii is known as the “Island of Rainbows” and we have so many of those on Oahu! For more ideas, take a trip to the Travel Guide under the heading for Oahu to see what you can see and do.

7. For families that like shopping, visit the Kalama Valley in Waipahu for souvenirs, shopping and food. This area has a variety of shops and a food court, so kids can eat lunch while adults shop. The Food Court includes an Asian restaurant, Hawaiian Food, Pizza, Sushi, a Mexican restaurant, an Italian restaurant and a sandwich shop. See the Food Court at the Travel Guide under the heading for the Kalama Valley.

8. For families looking for a night out on the town, the best choice is Kapalua Bay in West Maui. With live music and restaurants, it’s the place to be at night. The island’s largest oceanfront resorts are located here. Check out the options on the Travel Guide under the heading for West Maui.

9. For the best dining experiences, check out Lahaina. The Lahaina Fish Market is the place for fresh fish and other seafood. You can also find fresh produce and food. See what the Travel Guide under the heading for Lahaina has to offer for kids.

10. With its beaches, water parks and tropical trees, Hawaii is the perfect place to take the kids on a vacation. Hawaii Travel Guides has everything you need to make the most out of your visit. Click to read about what’s hot, what’s not and what you should know before you go.

Hawaii is a paradise for kids of all ages. The climate, beautiful beaches, fun activities, Hawaiian history and the friendly people will make your vacation with your family a wonderful experience


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