Budapest: A Journey Through the Heart of Hungary

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Budapest has one of the most varied cultures and histories of all the cities of Hungary. The city has remained a cultural powerhouse for over 1,000 years. This cultural diversity can be attributed to its rich history as an imperial capital of several of the most important powers of its time, including the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire, and the long-time dominion of Hungary’s King Louis I of Hungary and Bohemia.

This cultural diversity also comes with a rich history of architecture, art, fashion and food. Hungarians have never been shy about trying new things. You will be amazed by their willingness to try the unfamiliar and their ability to adapt and embrace new trends. The city’s history has produced some of the most renowned buildings in Hungary, which date back hundreds of years. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Royal Palace and Castle Hill to the magnificent Parliament Building and its Central Bank, the most iconic monuments of the 20th century have been built by Hungarian architects and designers in Budapest.

Palace of Arts

In the past century, Budapest’s architecture and design has continued to grow and evolve. The city’s famous buildings feature works by leading Hungarian architects including Béla Goldstok and Imre Steindl. In the 2000s, internationally acclaimed designers moved in, such as Zsolt Bitter, and the likes of Ákos Szelenyi, who was one of the most influential and respected Hungarian architects of the early 20th century.

The city also holds a number of museums dedicated to its diverse history and culture. The Budapest History Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Széchenyi Library and Memento Park are just some of the museums in the city that showcase Budapest’s rich and varied history. Budapest is known as a city of fashion and the best shopping malls in the world, including the Bors István Square and the Váci Avenue offer an eclectic mix of high street shopping.

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What to do in Budapest

1. See a show at the Hungarian National Theatre
It has been over 70 years since the establishment of the Hungarian National Theatre but its founding members continue to make up the core of the institution. A few of them have gone on to have an impact in the industry, like Ferenc Sándor and Sándor Dénes, and the likes of István Szabó, the acclaimed architect, is currently in charge. Today, the Hungarian National Theatre is one of the most popular places to go to see live shows, both in Budapest and abroad.

Visit the Hungarian National Theatre’s stage

2. The Danube promenade, the Margaret Island, the Great Boulevard and the Royal District are just some of the areas you can explore in Budapest

It is no secret that Budapest has a huge range of shopping, with a number of the world’s best malls including the capital’s flagship Bors István Square and the Váci Avenue. You’ll find luxury shops all over the city, from the Royal District to the Danube promenade, the Margaret Island and the Great Boulevard.

The city also has a number of unique squares and streets you can explore, from the Petöfi út to the Hősök tere. This one will particularly appeal to tourists who want to see the city’s past and enjoy all of the beauty and architectural styles of the olden days.

Take a stroll around the Gellért Square

3. You should visit the Hungarian National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery is a museum showcasing the most important and exciting Hungarian art. Many of its paintings from the renaissance and baroque eras are on display here. You can see works by Gaudí and the Hungarian Béla Bartók here, as well as a number of major European artists.

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The Gallery’s vast spaces also contain a great deal of fine art from more recent periods, such as the impressionists, post-war art, avant-garde art, 20th-century modern art and post-modern art. This makes the Gallery a truly unique place to visit in Hungary.

4. You should visit the Summer and Winter Festivals

The Budapest Festival Spring and Autumn is the most famous of the festivals in the capital. Each year, it has an extraordinary range of music, from classical to jazz, rock, electronic and hip-hop.

Enjoy the Budapest Festival Spring and Autumn

The Hungarian National Theatre also puts on a large number of shows every year, as well as a number of other events, such as jazz festivals and film festivals. It also hosts a variety of events for children and families.

5. You should visit the Opera House and the Petőfi Theatre

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Budapest is the Hungarian State Opera House. The building was designed by the famous modernist architect László Papp. This is where you can see operas, dance and concerts, both popular and classical.

One thing to note is that the best seats are on the fourth floor. If you book in advance, you can get a good view of the stage.

However, you can enjoy some of the most famous dance and music companies at the Petőfi Theatre. This is one of the two most prestigious theatres in the city, and there are some extremely famous artists who perform there, such as Levente Szörényi and Péter Eötvös. You will also get a chance to see some ballet performances here.

6. You should experience Budapest at night

During the day, the city has some beautiful landmarks and attractions that you can visit. In the evening, though, the city takes on a whole new dimension. You can enjoy a variety of entertainment activities in the late evening and night. If you stay in the Pest side of the city, the nightlife is especially rich. A lot of bars and restaurants are offering their food and drinks until 2 am. If you stay in Buda, things are quieter.

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You can enjoy a unique nightlife experience at the famous Hungarian wine bar Póffy Fürdögház and the wine bar M3 Club which are located in the Fisherman’s Bastion. You can enjoy the nightlife of Buda at one of the many wine bars and clubs there. There is a nice atmosphere in Budapest at night because of the old town, the castle and the bridges.

One of the places that everyone should visit in the evening is the National Museum. This museum, which is located in Pest, has the largest collection of Hungarian modern art. It is a perfect place to get a deeper insight into Hungarian art. Another place to visit in the evening is the Széchenyi Baths in the city’s Pest. The beauty and the uniqueness of the buildings make the baths so worth visiting.

A nice experience at night is walking along Andrássy út. This is the widest street in Budapest, and it is one of the most attractive streets in the city. In the city centre, the nightlife goes up and the street looks even more appealing.

Budapest is a vibrant and beautiful city in Hungary. It always attracts tourists and in the last few years, it has become an enjoyable city for foodies and photography lovers. Beaches and temples, ancient buildings and futuristic landscapes; all this in addition to its unique multicultural history makes Budapest one of the best cities in Europe.

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